Why choose offcourse cover? A clothing retailer's perspective.

At Offcourse, we realise there are challenges for certain suppliers that others don’t even need to consider. As a clothing retailer you may be concerned about failed deliveries, stolen parcels and the negative reviews that come from such instances. We understand these concerns which is why we built Offcourse cover, to be there in situations where you’re usually lacking control. Let’s look at an example of one clothing retailer we contacted and how we could benefit their business. The company we contacted is a clothing company who trade using Shopify. They send their deliveries using Royal Mail but they don’t pay for any additional insurance on those deliveries. A problem this company often faces is lost and late deliveries. They have claimed in the past but it takes too much time filling out the forms and gathering the claim evidence that they no longer attempt to claim for their lost deliveries. The main pain points this company experiences within the claims process are; Proving the loss.

The amount of evidence they have to gather including but not limited to tracking numbers, customer numbers, date of delivery sent, estimated date of arrival, images of receipts and so on.

Claim time. It takes 30 days in order for a claim to be processed, by which point the company would have had to reimburse their customer without any guarantee that the claim will even be paid out. Disputes.

There is no guarantee that the company's claim will be paid and after hours going back and forth on the phone, receiving multiple letters disputing the claim, more often than not the claim doesn’t get paid out which makes all of that time spent completely wasted. Due to all of this, a tool such as Offcourse cover would allow the company to not only have amazing tracking capabilities but if the situation arises where a claim is required, the software has all the information it needs to be able to place a claim itself without the company having to initiate it or fill out lengthy paperwork and have long arduous phone calls. Plus, as Offcourse plugs into the company’s usual Shopify interface, they don’t need to use multiple tabs and passwords to be able to take control of their deliveries, claims and most importantly their time. The statistics relating to deliveries speak for themselves. Did you know 77% of negative reviews relate to delivery - items not arriving, failed delivery, lack of tracking updates and considering 8 in 10 won't buy without reviews this doesn’t add up to a positive result. Not only that, 22% of customers spend more due to positive reviews which means you could be missing out on revenue due to your delivery system having gaps. In most ecommerce businesses 30% of service calls relate to chasing orders which is such a waste of valuable time. Plus, 77% of retailers did not receive exception notices for problem deliveries and 86% relied on customers using websites to track parcels which simply shows you’re not able to offer the level of service you’d like which is entirely out of your control. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder why 62% want to implement advanced communication methods in delivery processes. All of the above shows just how important a tool like Offcourse cover will be for your business. Not only to improve deliveries but also to enhance reviews which will drive more traffic to your store, boost customer satisfaction and potentially increase revenue. Offcourse cover is the tool you need if you want to take control of your deliveries and protect your stock when it leaves your immediate control.

Find out more about Offcourse cover and see what we can do for your business today.

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