Is my parcel insured? Postage types and whether you’re covered

It’s all too easy to assume that when you send a parcel, the liability if it gets lost, stolen or damaged, is with the courier. They're the ones handling the parcel right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. The responsibility for covering the cost lies with the retailer. So, with this in mind we are going to list what the top 7 UK couriers offer in terms of compensation on your items (if at all). We previously wrote an article on who the top UK couriers are and what they offer in regards to eco-friendliness, express delivery, international postage etc. You can check that blog out here. But for now, let’s get into insurance. Please note, this is not a definite guide, you will need to check your own couriers website when claiming as we have not gone into details such as exclusions. 1.Royal Mail Royal Mail is really good at offering a wealth of information on this topic. According to their website they will offer cover for loss and damage as long as you purchase particular postage types. They will offer you the amount you as a seller paid for the item, not the amount you sold it for however, so you still may be out of pocket. In the case of damage, if they believe it can be repaired, you will be offered the repair cost. You can make a claim via their online claims form. You have 80 calendar days from the date of posting to make a claim.

2.Hermes Hermes does not offer much information on what they will cover. There is however, a lot of information on what they won’t. According to their website, they will give up to £20 cover on ‘most’ items for free. Anything above that value can be covered by a policy they offer. They exclude a lot of items including anything stoneware, glass or ceramic. Their website states that you must contact their customer service team in order to make a claim. 3.DPD Again, DPD doesn't offer too much information on their website about what they cover, however, we managed to glean some information.

DPD covers items up to £50 for loss or damage. There are exclusions which they list on the website. They also have items which are covered for loss but not for damage. You must claim within 14 days of the consignment of the delivery.

4. Parcelforce Parcelforce includes compensation on all of their express products. They cover you for a minimum of £100 up to £200 on certain postage types. Again, they do have a list of exclusions on their website. They do not offer any cover on their globaleconomy postage. You can submit a claim via post or online with one of their chat advisors. On average, a claim must be submitted within 30 days of posting, however, some products require claims in 15 days.

5.DHL The information for DHL was hard to find, so we ended up contacting their live chat to find out about what is and isn’t covered. So, DHL offers cover against loss, theft and damage at a payout of $25 per kilogram. So for example, if you sent something with a value of £500 that weighed 1kg, and it was lost, you’d only receive a $25 payout. There are exclusions as to what’s covered. In order to claim, you need to contact DHL customer service directly within 30 days of posting the item. 6.Yodel Again, it appears Yodel doesn't openly offer this information so we contacted their live help. Yodel offers up to £50 of cover for loss and damage. They do have a list of exclusions as well as a list of items they will cover for loss but not for damage. If you need to make a claim, you have to contact Yodel directly where they will open an investigation. If it gets to the point where you need to make a claim, you have 28 days from the day the item was meant to be delivered to make your claim. 7.UPS UPS offers cover up to £60 for loss or damage on packages sent with them. As they deliver worldwide, they have a long list of exclusions that differ by country so it’s always worth checking before attempting to send anything you are unsure of. If you need to make a claim, UPS has a dedicated claim page where you can do so. Within their FAQs they say a claim takes on average 10 days to process. So, there you have it. You are covered, sometimes and for certain amounts. If you are sending fragile items, glass, ceramics etc you most likely want to look at getting extra cover as the free cover offered by couriers very rarely take on the risk. Also, if you are sending anything with a general value above £50 you most likely won’t be covered. The average value of cover most couriers give you is under £50. Therefore, if you are sending anything of a value above this, you won’t be covered by the protection included, you will need additional protection if you don’t want to cover the cost yourself.

You can buy additional protection with your courier, but an easier option is to have your protection with Offcourse cover.

Offcourse is an automated solution, meaning it will take your delivery details and track your deliveries for you. Offcourse cover will automatically trigger the claims process if your delivery hasn’t arrived within a certain timeframe. You don’t need to do any form filling like you do with the above couriers, plus you can use it on multiple couriers at once. So if you have one courier for international and another for domestic, you don’t have to worry about multiple policies, multiple forms and you’ll save yourself a ton of time on admin when making claims.

Having a streamlined claims process won’t only save you time, it will help with customer service, retention and therefore reviews as your business is making claiming easier than ever with Offcourse cover.

Check out the website and see how much easier and simpler it is to make sure your parcels get delivered.

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