5 tips to prepare for the busy season as an ecommerce business owner

That time of year is fast approaching, as it always does. In recent years we have to prepare for more retail events than ever before. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day sales, the amount of work that goes into the festive shopping period is frankly overwhelming. There are a couple of things you can make sure are in place early on to make dealing with the festive rush a little bit calmer however, and we are here to tell you what those things are. So you can be as prepared as Santa himself by the time the big day rolls around. Let’s get into it. 1. Check your website. Now is a good time to get onto that website and check that everything is running not only smoothly but easily. You want to take the hassle out of shopping on your site before the rush arrives. Do you have a login option so people don’t have to re-input their details for every purchase? No? Then look into it. It makes checking out so much quicker and makes impulse buying easier. Where are your big ticket items? Are they easy to access, quick to get to? What about your navigation? Are your categories easy to understand? Do you have a search bar? Go on your website and ask yourself these questions whilst browsing and make notes on what needs to be changed, removed or updated. You’ll thank yourself later. 2. Come up with your holiday offers. You probably know your margins by now so have a look at your products and work out which you can afford to take a hit on in order to lure your customers to your site. Consider some tactics like offering free delivery on orders over a certain value and make sure your offer is under that value, this will incentivise your customers to purchase more to qualify for free shipping. If your website allows it, add some ‘Don’t forget’ items to your checkout to direct customers to look at more products before they go. You could also look into traditional deal strategies such as bundles in order to get that stock out the door. 3. Assess your customer service. This is probably going to be a time of multiple emails and messages. Which is why it is worth reviewing your customer service techniques now before it’s too late. Do you have an FAQ page? If not, think about adding one. If you do, think about updating it. Maybe add Christmas delivery cut off dates. Do you have a live chat function? You’re likely going to be online a lot over these few weeks so turn on live chat and try to answer queries then and there. Not only will it stop the questions piling up into multiple emails, you will also impress your customers by responding so quickly. 4. Retarget your customers. You’ve had customers over the last 12 months and they already know and trust your brand, therefore they’re more likely to return. Target these customers. Make yourself a plan of emails to send to your email list over the coming weeks to incentivise their return. You could offer them a discount, personalised product suggestions, free delivery. Celebrate them for being a customer in the past to persuade them to return. So many times we shop from somewhere amazing and a few months later forget who that company was so make sure you’re proactively reminding your customers that you are there and ready to take their order. 5. Cover yourself for worst case scenarios. We all know deliveries around the festive period can be a nightmare. People have returned to work this year so they won’t all be in to take deliveries. We’re expecting to see parcels left on doorsteps and unfortunately that means parcel theft. It’s become rife during covid and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Plus you’ve got overwhelmed postal workers, delayed deliveries, lost parcels. You don’t want to spend your Christmas spending hours on the phone trying to make claims and submit evidence, especially if there is no guarantee of payout. So, it’s a good idea to look into shipping insurance. Offcourse cover provides a Shopify integrated app for your shipping insurance, with 24/7 tracking, the app will automatically trigger a claim if your delivery is late and you don’t have to fill in any forms or submit evidence. It’s all done for you. Shipping insurance is worth considering if you don’t want to risk losing out financially for lost or stolen parcels. So, there you have it. 5 top tips to get you prepared for the months ahead. Christmas is a really good time for you to relax and spend time with your family and friends which is why getting ahead with niggling tasks like the above, will give you more time to do the things you enjoy this festive season. What are your festive season preparation tips?

Did we miss any?

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