5 tips to maximise Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales as a small business

In years past the UK market focussed solely on Boxing Day sales. Most UK sales happened post Christmas and we could go and grab the things we didn’t get gifted on Christmas Day and spend it up with our lovingly gifted vouchers. Now though, times have changed as the UK retail market has adopted American tendencies and sales are more focussed on pre Christmas, November sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These sales were initially seen in big retailers with high ticket items but, as with most things, the trend has trickled down to smaller businesses including ecommerce.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can prove intimidating to small businesses who are already competing with retail giants on cost and delivery speeds, however, there are some tactics you can adopt to ensure your business is in the mix and you are maximising your pre Christmas sale potential. Let’s jump into it. 1. Get involved early. Last minute marketing doesn’t work best when it comes to these big sales days. You need to prepare what you’re going to say and where and ensure your regular customers and any potential new customers know your business is going all out. Design your social media posts early so you have a bunch of pictures sitting waiting to be flung into the ether. Also, make sure you have researched the right hashtags in order for you to appear in searches your customers might be interested in. On top of that, get involved with commenting and liking other local businesses' content so your name is out there, everywhere.

Organise your mailing list, get rid of any spam email addresses and template some emails to go as soon as you’re ready to announce your offers.

Getting in early will ensure you are on the minds of the people who want a great deal and that you will be a definite go-to site when the day comes. Lots of buyers organise for these events and list places to go, make sure you’re on that list by utilising your communication tools and making yourself stand out from the crowd.

2. Create some tempting offers

When it comes to Black Friday/Cyber Monday it’s best to have one amazing cinching deal and then other smaller ones if you wish.

A great way to package your product for value is to utilise the idea of bundles. Think of those big Christmas beauty boxes worth £75 cumulatively but being sold at £25. That’s the idea you want to go for. Bundle together your ‘bestsellers’. Knock up a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ package. Think about Christmas presents and what bundles will be attractive to customers as they make a good gift.

Try ‘add-ons’. Think of free gifts, you could have a selection of products which come with an add on. Such as a bundle of samples in a nice box, or a free A4 print. People love feeling like they’re getting added value for free so add-ons are a great way to go to achieve that. Plus, by offering samples of say candles or skincare or scents (if that’s your niche) it may be that the person receiving the item finds something else they love and they come back for more.

Clear out. In the nicest way possible, you may have some stock that you’ve had taking up space for a while which you can make a cracking deal out of. Add it to a bundle, give it as a free gift, or massively reduce its price. After all, it's not making you any money sitting on that shelf and can free up space for newer, more popular items in the New Year.

3. Check your stock

Having a limited amount deal is very tempting, creates urgency and can be a great thing. However, you need to ensure you have the stock levels to fulfill what you are offering. So, check your stock, make sure you don’t over promise and if you don’t have an automatic ‘Out of stock’ notification set up on your online shop, make sure you look into initiating that function to avoid over ordering from customers and under delivering by you.

You may want to look at buying in new stock to add to your bundles or to use as add ons which is a great idea. Just be careful to not invest too much money into stock you may not usually buy or into anything too expensive as, if it doesn’t sell, you might get stuck with it until the next time you run a sale.

4. Use this opportunity to gain loyalty

Massive sales are fantastic for turnover, but don’t just think of a sale as a cash grab. Think about how it can benefit your business going forward. How can you take these new customers and turn them into repeat customers? How can you make this one sale benefit you for the year ahead? It’s a good idea to think about your loyalty and retention strategies and implement any new techniques now, to further benefit your business going forward. We have some amazing blogs on both topics here if you wish to get some ideas.

5. Make sure you’re covered

You may not have considered parcel insurance before but it’s coming to the time of year where it’s more important than ever. This time of year, unfortunately, people are out on the hunt to steal parcels from doorsteps. During Black Friday people buy expensive tech, spend more and as the world is getting back to normal post Covid, a lot of people won’t be in to take deliveries. Plus, with the amount of packages that will need to be handled, there’s more chance of parcels getting lost in the system. Hopefully, due to the sales you will be sending more than ever, however, that does put you at a risk when it comes to covering the cost of things that just don’t arrive. Offcourse cover can help, our parcel insurance gives you 24/7 tracking of your parcels and if something does go wrong, our system will automatically initiate a claim for you without you having to fill in any forms or sit on the phone for hours on end. It’s definitely worth considering.

So there you have it, as a small ecommerce business owner there are plenty of ways you can get involved in Black Friday/Cyber Monday without having to compete with the big boys or just let it pass you by. If you think smart and be prepared, Black Friday/Cyber Monday can be really beneficial for your business. If you haven’t taken part before, don’t be scared to try something new as it could really pay off for your business.

Do you partake in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales?

What are your tips to getting the most out of these sales?

Let us know in the comments.

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