Parcel Insurance

Designed for busy ecommerce Shopify business owners who want to protect their deliveries and offer shipping insurance to their customers


Simple Pricing

You will be compensated for the shipping costs for a delayed item and the RETAIL Value for a lost item. You choose which parcels to insure based on the value of your deliveries and claims trigger automatically so no forms to fill in or phone calls to make, it's all done for you


Automatic, Transparent Claims

We handle all policy administration within the app and use data gathered from within the platform to trigger claims payments automatically. all claims are settled directly into your business bank account.

Flexible (1).png

Flexible Insurance

Our insurance provides compensation for all delays and lost packages.​​ You will be able to guarantee delivery by a certain date or receive rapid compensation for your customers.​​ Plus enjoy zero forms, zero admin and 30 second onboarding.


Powerful Dashboard

All of your deliveries in one central with our easy to use dashboard. The Offcourse app also offers full tracking free. ​Rather than having to search through emails and various apps, you will be able to track exactly where your parcels are in the delivery process.


Data Rich

The platform gathers data from Companies House and parcel tracking aggregators such as Trackingmore, Parcellyne, 17Track and Royal Mail to follow the progress of your parcels.


API enabled

Starting with Shopify, the Anansi platform is embedded in the ecommerce platforms where you are already trading. The convenient platform data connection slashes the insurance onboarding time and paperwork needed to just 30 seconds.