Zero-admin Shipping Protection.

Fast claim payouts for lost or delayed packages.

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Automated claims payments

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Step 1

Install the app via Sopify logo

After we launch, you can download the app through the Shopify App store, as you do for the apps you already use.

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Step 2

Complete onboarding

We’ll guide you through the process of deciding which orders you want to insure and the terms of your cover.

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Step 3

All done!

The app will track shipping data and look out for delays and losses. All claims will be paid automatically on a monthly basis.


Reduce customer service costs

Minimise service calls with rapid compensation options.


Increase Conversion

Reduce cart abandonment with guaranteed compensation for losses and delays.


Reward your customers

Losses that are detected from the shipping data are repaid automatically, enabling you to reinvest in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I have queries?

Our customer services team is online and available to provide support when issues arise.


Is my data safe?

Your data is shielded through enterprise grade security. All sensitive data is encypted and all communication between your Shopify shop and us is cypotgraphically secure.


Why is this described as a trial phase?

This is a beta version of the Shipping Protection product, which we are trialling for three months to get feedback from customers on how we can improve the launch version. We are also testing the functionality of the app.


What am I covered for?

We cover you for delays e.g. deliveries that arrive after the due date and losses e.g. packages that have not been delivered 5 days after the due date

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Automated Protection For Your Packages

You will finally be able to increase conversions by guaranteeing delivery or compensation to your customers. Minimise customer service calls with our insurance partner’s rapid compensation options.

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