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How much does shipping insurance cost?
The app is free to install. A precise quote and terms from our insurance partners is available within the app. However, if you elect to add shipping protection to your package, this will cost 1.2% of cart value, with a minimum of £2.30. Insurance transactions are exempt from VAT so VAT cannot be recovered for this service. This product is liable for Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), which is not recoverable.

Am I only charged for orders I want to insure?
You can choose the values of carts covered, for example orders between £100 and £500 and you can update these values within the app. For example you can choose cart values of £150 to £1,200 and all orders between these values automatically enable the insurance option.

When do I pay my premium?
Premium payments are processed monthly on the 1st of the month and you will have 7 days to settle your balance, so no money will be taken from your account immediately once you activate the insurance. You will be able to track payments that are due in the "Invoice" section of the app.

Can you charge insurance to the customer?
Offcourse has been designed as a fully automated insurance product, which is why the charges and compensation are with the ecommerce business. However, you are free to incorporate this into P&P. Let us know if there is anything more that we can provide that can support this.



What value of items can I be covered for?
We can offer insurance for items of any value up to £5,000.

What will I be covered for?
We will cover you for delays and losses.

How do you handle multiple shipments?

At the moment we can only insure orders that ship one parcel in one shipment. So if your order is split into multiple shipments, we cannot insure it. However, we are discussing changing this to issuing one policy per shipment instead of one policy per order. In that case, we would issue two separate policies for each of the shipments and process the loss accordingly. We're currently negotiating this change with our insurance partner and we will let you know when we can offer this in a future release.

How can I cancel my contract?
You can cancel at any time. The quickest way is to set the value of carts covered to 0.




What will my claim be for?
If your package is delayed, your business will automatically receive a compensation equivalent to the value of
the shipping costs up to a £20 cap (including VAT). or If your package is lost, your business will automatically receive a
compensation equivalent to the cart value. You will not need to file a claim.

When will I receive my claim pay out?
We are currently processing payments on a monthly schedule. Our goal is to issue your claim as soon as we have detected a delay or loss. The payment schedule is as follows:

1st of the month: an invoice is issued for policies of the previous month;

1th to 7th: you can pay your invoice online in the app or through a link you will receive in your email;

8th to 12th: claims for the previous month are paid to your Stripe account.



Do you support all UK courier companies?
Yes, we support all UK courier companies, so we will be able to monitor your parcels via any firm as long as there is an "expected delivery date" associated with the data we receive from the courier.

When do you receive data about orders?

We update the information three times per day. Currently, we're processing the data at 6am, 12pm and 6pm, so your information and possibly your policies would be issued a little after that. We only issue your policies when we detect your parcels have been shipped. From here, issuing the policy will depend on the quality of the data available.

How do you know the courier’s expected delivery date?
We receive courier data from Shopify and when Shopify doesn't support the carrier, we use an external service to track the parcels via the tracking number provided by Shopify. This service connects directly with all of the courier firms such as DX Freight, Parcelink Logistics, DX Secure and WDL etc and collects the expected delivery date from them if available.

How do you define ‘delays and losses’ if you’re only using tracking data?
If the package has not been delivered 1 day after the due date, your package is defined as delayed. If the package has not arrived 5 days after the 5 days maximum due date (i.e. a total of 10 days), your package is defined as lost.

Is my data safe?
Your data is shielded through enterprise grade security. All sensitive data is encrypted and all communication between your Shopify shop and us is cypotgraphically secure.



How does this compare with the compensation offered by my courier firm?

Every Shopify courier firm has a different policy regarding enhanced compensation, so we suggest that you check what is covered with the standard terms and where the gains in coverage are. We’ve been told by some businesses that compensation is capped at £25 after admin fees for some couriers firms. Our aim is to offer cover that is price competitive against this enhanced compensation, with a quicker, clearer and claims compensation process and an adequate payout in the case of losses and delays.



What items aren’t covered?
Parcel containing aerosols, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, batteries (unless the batteries are already included with the delivered object and are therefore in the same package as the object), cash, clinical and/or medical waste, corrosives, environmental waste, explosives, flammable substances, fur, gases, jewellery, precious metals, radioactive materials and samples, solvent based-paints, tobacco, wood varnishes, works of art, or any items listed as prohibited or restricted under the Courier's terms and conditions. Parcel containing illegal or controlled substances, including but not limited to, firearms and drugs/narcotics. Jewellery is defined as rings, necklace, bracelet, earrings, tiara, brooch or any other ornament made of precious stones and/or precious metal. Works of art are defined as “Objects specially designed for its aesthetic appeal by an artist, particularly a painting, drawing or sculpture of high artistic quality”.

What happens if I offer free shipping?
We use the shipping cost charged to customers that forms part of their cart value to calculate this, because that’s what we can read from Shopify. If you offer free shipping, at the moment, we don't have a method to access the trade cost for each transaction. However, we can still insure the cart if the parcel is lost.

Why can’t you insure international shipping?

At the moment, we are only authorised to insure parcels that are being shipped within the UK by UK registered businesses. If you don’t meet this requirement, we’d still be interested to hear your views on the tracking app and we are working with our insurance partners to expand our coverage as soon as possible. We are working with our insurance partners to add jewellery and valuables to this product as soon as possible.


My business is not based in the UK can I still use the app?
Yes, although we cannot currently offer insurance to businesses that are based outside of the UK, you can still use our tracking app. We are working with our partners to expand the territories covered ASAP.

My business is not using Shopify, can I still use the app?

Unfortunately, we are not yet integrated into any other ecommerce platforms other than Shopify, so cannot offer our products to your business at the moment. However, as you can see on our roadmap, we are working to add additional platforms to this product in the future and we’d love to know what platforms your business is based on, so that we can prioritise future integrations. Please consider joining our mailing list for future updates here.



Do you offer any other types of insurance?
Currently we only offer late and lost delivery insurance and are adding damage and international pricing in the near future.

Who is underwriting the insurance?

This Policy is underwritten by Wakam. Wakam is a limited company registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register
(Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés) under number 562 117 085 operating through its UK Branch whose principal place of business is 18th & 19th Floors, 100 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AG. Authorised and regulated by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution. Deemed authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details of the Temporary Permissions Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to operate in the UK for a limited period while seeking full authorisation, are available on
the Financial Conduct Authority’s website. This insurance policy is issued and administered on behalf of Wakam by

Anansi Technology Limited (registered in England No. 11420090) which is an Appointed Representative of Resolution Underwriting Partnership Limited, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 308113) in respect of general insurance business and is registered in England No.05104119.


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