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How does Offcourse Cover work?

Designed for busy ecommerce Shopify business owners who want to protect their deliveries and offer shipping insurance to their customers

Zero Admin

Our automated technology connects the Offcourse App safely and securely to your Shopify Store.

Automatic Payout

Our Automated App connects securely to Stripe, enabling all claims payouts to be made directly to you.

Flexible Coverage

Choose which parcels to cover. Zero Monthly Fees

Use Offcourse Cover when you need it.

£1.5 Million seed funding raised, led by Octopus Ventures

Try our Pricing Calculator

Choose the average value of your cart to get an idea of your likely premium payments and compensation for lost items.

£100 cart value

Your premium per cart (paid monthly)


Insurance payout if lost (paid monthly)


Free to Install

Detailed quote and terms are available within the app.

Simple Pricing

The cost is 1.2% of cart value, with a minimum charge of £2.30.

Easy Payment

All Claims are paid directly into your Stripe account

The prices shown in the calculator above include all taxes and fees.

Further information on compensation for delays is available in the FAQ section below.


Learn about the Technology behind the App

Convenient API-enabled insurance

Starting with Shopify, the Anansi platform is embedded in the ecommerce platforms where you are already trading. The convenient platform data connection slashes the insurance onboarding time and paperwork needed to just 30 seconds.

Enriched with 3rd party data

The platform gathers data from Companies House and parcel tracking aggregators such as Trackingmore, Parcellyne, 17Track and Royal Mail to follow the progress of your parcels.

Automated & transparent claims payments

We handle all policy administration within the app and use data gathered from within the platform to trigger claims payments automatically. All claims are settled directly into your Stripe for business account.

Powerful Features
Powered by Anansi Technology

Powerful dashboard

  • All of your deliveries in one central, easy to use dashboard.

  • Included for Free with our Shopify Parcel Delivery App

  • Rather than having to search through emails and various apps, you will be able to track exactly where your parcels are in the delivery process.


Optional parcel insurance

  • The insurance provides compensation for all delays and lost packages.

  • You will be able to guarantee delivery by a certain date or receive rapid compensation for your customers.

  • Zero Admin shipping protection with a pay as you go billing model.

Easy to understand Pricing

  • Ecommerce Business Owners are compensated for the shipping costs for a delayed item and the RETAIL Value (minus a 15% deductible) for a lost item.

  • Choose which parcels to Insure.

  • Zero-admin as the app is fully automated, which means ZERO Claim forms.


Flexible Coverage . Automated Claims Payout

What are people saying?

Let me congratulate you on coming up with a great solution to what can be a problematic headache facing e-commerce website owners across the UK”

The cost of the insurance is often not clear via Interlink, so I like the idea of a fixed price that I can more easily pass onto my customers.

“Any way to make it quicker and easier to get insurance and receive claims would be great”.

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Zero Admin Shipping Protection for your Parcels

Meet the team

We founded Anansi because we’ve been ecommerce business owners and understand what you need to ensure the safe delivery of your products and services. We want to take away the complexities around insurance complaints, enabling you the business owner to concentrate on working on their business, rather than in it.

We understand your customer journey.

We are always listening and working to improve the services we offer to ensure they remain relevant. If you have any questions about our insurance products, please do get in touch.

We would be delighted to hear from you.


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For busy ecommerce business owners

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